Why We Love Social | Kimberly Stone x POSHGLAM

Why We Love Social | Kimberly Stone x POSHGLAM

We love Social. POSHGLAM has been around for 17 years this month. Officially named in 2005 and falling in love with social media from the beginning, we have grown so much.

I don't know if we are going to keep this current social plaform but I know it will evolve into something quite spectacular. We've worked with over 5k luxury brands in the world for editorial and look forward to getting them back on the site for social and ecommerce. This is the site blog, which will serve well for SEO. We are boycotting Amazon for going after the mark and business plan. Statement below:

"After years of many triumphs and disappointments, I’ve decided to boycott Amazon.com.

I started building POSHGLAM as a child journalist and young fashion girl beginning to sew. I’m completely disgusted by the misuse and misappropriation of the brand I created in my New York apartment in college.

Unfortunately, this world is so full of dishonesty, greed, malice and cheating. I’m saddened to witness the theft of a brand my peers and I created from scratch in celebration of fashion and philanthropy.

I will continue to restore the company and hope this boycott sends a message of integrity, promise and dedication to winning “Modern Day Intellectual Property” battles with data and serves as a precedent for future cases involving spying, property theft and the varying cultural views of IP."